Sunday, January 06, 2008

New RC team member wanted

A new year has dawned upon us and it is time for some change. We feel it is about time we extend Random circuit's staff! With a stunning 568 posts last year, we haven't come to this conclusion because we lack updates. It is content we seek, and yes while more music is always nice, the one thing RC needs to improve the most upon is the writing. To get to the point; we are looking for someone with excellent english skills, a passion for all electronic music and the will to write here with us. Sounds interesting? Hit us up with a comment or mail (


Shawn Khan said...

combine with trainspotter or take me in. i have a domain and a hosting service

skypher said...

great idea khan! i'll contact you

avantgardener said...

I got an 800 on SAT writing... I could be your editor?

neuehaus said...

I spin a weekly in Montreal,Canada. Mainly Min-Tech/Techno/Tech House (although my electronic knowledge far surpasses my playlist) and my English skills are fairly flawless.

I'd be willing to lend a hand (or two) to the content of one of my fave blogs.

Keep up the incredible work and the prolific posts!

Hit me up at:

Anonymous said...

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