Sunday, January 06, 2008


Caspa - "Ooh r ya" -[Dub Police]

Remember the part in Human Traffic where Moff is sat down having Sunday dinner with the family on a comedown?

He stands up in front of the Family including grandma and bursts into a paranoid speech about being a perfect fucking family, perfect fucking dining table and finally asking (In his own words Ooh the fuck r ya)
Well its been sampled by Caspa and its a bass heavy monster.

*BTW if you haven't seen it shame on you !!! but we can point you in the right direction you can watch it here in 10 handy youtube parts. you need to watch this film it was the last great film of the 90's.


Anonymous said...

Cheers! One tune i can't get enough of is Rusko's mix of Cockney Flute, Heavy! Happy New Year!

JBH said...

Happy new year mate!
BTW Caspa and Rusko have done the latest fabric cd and its HEAVY!

Anonymous said...

Will deff check it.
Burial's Untrue album was a fave of mine there last year, love the old school vibe he fuses with the newer step. Cheers!