Monday, January 21, 2008

Peak Bomb

Looking for some modern house music with a twist? sick and tired of all the same sounds? Just Searching for that simple house groove but keep getting bombarded with dull minimal?
Well look no further because we have the answer here in the shape of Peak Bomb.
Yes Lady's and gents this is what you have been searching for stripped down simplicity, with soul.
It sounds like its been around for years with its pumping groove and breathtaking melody.
Kalim Shabazz has done what many are trying to do by blending deeper sounds with a more minimal edge to it.
And he succeeds with great success.
Peak Bomb is the word!
Not only do you get the wonderful original but you get a fantastic remix courtesy of Phonique, his remix is just as good as the original if not better.
Its more of a subtle groove, more percussion and a little deeper but equally as good
A 5 Star EP that you need, essential!
Download Peak Bomb - Original


pt said...

Bombs away this has been played alot in berlin i never know what it was thanks so much

E-Heavy said...

yesyes. lovelove it! been hammered.