Friday, January 18, 2008

Praia Brava

Gavin Herlihy -'Praia Brava' - [True To Form]

You may recognise Gavin Herlihy name from his stint at Mixmag as one of the editors his writing was very good i especially liked his three page spread on DC10 last year.
He's decided to give the journalism a rest and done what alot of journalists are doing by putting his hand to producing this isn't the first of Gavin's work either check Machine Ate My Homework for some peak time tech house business.
With Praia Brava he goes alot deeper and more house orientated it keeps you on your toes with deep tribal drums and a panic stricken swirling, it chugs along nicely eventually bringing in a Latin influenced melody so catchy you will be humming it all day.
The flip is a club friendly dub from Jesse Rose.
Buy this release if your looking for something original and a bit different.


G said...

Promising start to the track but then went all haywire half way though. Gave me a bit of a headache lol!

JBH said...

Check the dub it might be for you :D

Anonymous said...

Just checked the dub. That's more like it. I had stared to find alot of Jesse Rose productions/remixes a bit too samey and hadn't bought anything from him in quite a while but this one seems a fine remix

JBH said...

i know what you mean i found his stuff to be very repetative too.
Saying that though i like his remix of hot chip and this dub here.

J said...

can anyone post the jesse rose remix please