Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From N.Y To Las Vegas

This Ep represents a unreasonable and animated flight that Sarah Goldfarb took From N.Y and Las Vegas in August 2007.
24 Dollars was produced just before the flight from New York.
Its real hypnotic & tribal a proper crowd burner the floor is going to love it, causing alot of tension in the room it builds and then explodes violently.
On the B side is one hundred and Ten Fahrenheit some say its what the temperature was in Las Vegas. Maybe? All i know is that if you thought there was tension on the a side this side really goes to town. Are you all fastened in and sitting in the upright position!?
Its almost as if there's a stop clock going and your sat in your seat waiting for all hell to break loose.
Its not long before the vibrations of the plane explode and the temperature rises to boiling point, its like an emergency alarm going off in your head building around an evil acid breakdown, it repeats itself and just continues to blow your mind, its uncomfortable but at the same time very enjoying.
Download One Hundred & Ten Farenheit


Anonymous said...

joe do the same as last time all the tracks you n skyper have posted
burn to disc please
iwill be back on soon

JBH said...

I'm on it big lad!
Il be round yours in a bit.