Monday, January 21, 2008

Mumbling Again

Unless you were living under a rock last summer or don't go out much i reckon its safe to say, at some point you will of heard Dj's spinning a track with a strange man (Daniel Sanchez) mumbling on top of a deep minimal tribal beat.

That just so happened to be one of the big hitters of the summer everyone was getting there mumble on from Richie and Ricardo to Sebo k and Loco Dice there's no denying it everyone was rinsing.

The Youtube page of Villalobos & Luciano dropping it at DC10 has had its fair share of views rightfully so as well.

Its just so catchy and wrong,
So wrong its right thats what makes it so good.
When the first bars of the track come through the speakers of the club in the early hours its instantly greeted by whistles and cheers, you feel like you shouldn't really be here at 5-6am listening to strange men mumbling.

Whilst the sweat drips of the walls onto your aching body you look around the tiny club everyone is on the same vibe the dance floor is packed out and everyone is united in dance.

I cant remember a track of this kaliber being so influential it really does strange things to the party goers.
The last time i remember a track causing this much wow factor was when Audion - Mouth To Mouth was released its in a different vein to that but you get the idea.

Mumbling yeah will be on the roster of many DJ's lists for a long time to come and i applaud that.

DJ's have loved it so much that they have remixed it be it Loco Dice & Marco Carola official remixes or Richie Hawtin's Dex n efx remix.

Loco Dice keeps the main part intact but goes alot deeper and its more strung out, deep tribal drums and whooshes from the synths make it a dance floor bomb,& when you add his version of the twisted vocals you cant fail, instant moment(of madness) on the floor its been tried and tested all over Leeds and it never fails even the wall flowers and the too cool for school kids prick up there ears and head to the floor.

Marco Carola Goes even deeper and minimal and the outcome is quite fantastic its almost a re rub but not quite il let you decide on which you prefer.
One thing is for sure i will be mumbling long into 2008.

Download Kabale und liebe ft Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah - Marco Carola Kick Remix


Anonymous said...

I bought the original of this track purely fromt he hype from it without even hearing it and I've got to say I was slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong it's a good enough track but somehow I was expecting more. This remix certainly delivers that 'more'. It was definitely a track that i felt needed some remixes. A thumbs up from me

Anonymous said...

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