Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pressure cooker

MD III - The pressure cooker [Underground, 1993]
After Theevanhood posted a youtube clip of this track, it stuck to my head. A friend (yo Hansa!) finally dug it up and it's mezmerising. What an old(ish) hit.

Edit: This friday I shall visit The Eye again. It was a while ago, since I've sort of boycotted them after they stopped booking nice acts and just went on with the routinely and steady declining in quality resident nights. This friday is different though, after cancelling in december The UK man and producer Radio Slave is finally going to bless Gothenburg with his presence. It will be intense.


JBH said...

Great post!
a really hard to find record (in full)

& radioslave coming to town :D
hes coming here at the end of the month as well with maurice fulton
party time!

andreas said...

Skypher: I'm going to The Eye aswell hopefully it will be as good as 2000 & One (even though he didn't play pak pak!!)

G said...

Great track. Stir up some great memories there thanks. Check DJ Pierre's 'Atom Bomb'. The two tracks used to mix togother very nicely

skypher said...

no surprise there jbh, you get all the good stuff. haha. :)

andreas: nice! i did miss 2000 & one sadly though.. grmbls.

g: thanks for that tip, will definetly look into it.