Tuesday, January 15, 2008

VJ session of the day

Alright. After about one million recordings of me VJing with VDMX to this track, I'm dead tired of it. The ridiculous amount of takes needed was because I was clueless as to what codec and settings to record with. I ended up just importing one of the earliest takes into iMovie and re-encoding it. Thus the half-assed quality. Next one will be better, promise.

Some details for the interested. The effects are made in Quartz Composer, I just fooled around some since I'm not very experienced with it yet. Then I hooked my composition up with some lovely VDMX controls and basically just went at it. Recorded with iShowU.

Music: Daft punk - Harder better faster stronger (around the world), from their Alive'07 tour.

Quartz, VDMX session from Roobik on Vimeo.

1 comment:

JBH said...

Just watched in full screen its some impressive shit!
im going for another go.