Monday, January 14, 2008

Death is nothing to fear

DINTF - (Ep) -[Spectral Sound]
The new DINTF EP dropped the other day on Spectral Sound.
This time they have focused there attentions on there freshest new talent like Jonas Kopp, Kate Simko, Daso & Pawas and more.
Its 5 tracks of minimal techno all of which have been done right they have all the elements needed, be it deep and dark a good sub- bass and a good melody, all the tracks are worthy of your money but they are a couple that stand out in the shadows.
Jonas Kopp's"Androgeno" takes off where he left off with his remix of Plan Tec - Espias Psoquicos P. Deep swirling hypnotic techno.
This guy reminds me alot of Audion, one to Keep an eye on is Jonas Kopp.
Next up is Daso & Pawas who are firing on all cylinders at the moment be it on solo projects or joint efforts like this.
They go for the deep tribal drums and a very cool melodic riff its a sort of sub bass melody very catchy and quite unique.
Kate Simko is next up to the stage with a deep and minimal take on house. Its very good I especially like the way it opens out all rhythmic, blending minimal and deeper more melodic - house elements perfectly.
Make way for Seth Troxler probably my least favourite on the EP. To me it doesn't have the same unique flair as the other 4 do, still you can form your own opinion when you buy it.
Then last but certainly not least is a artist called Kill who rounds things off nicely with some evil minimal techno.
Spectral Sound have started 2008 very well indeed if you like your techno with added bite this EP is for you.
Now were in wait for Audion's new music.
Daso & Pawas Gupta -kkb
Link removed by request.
Jonas Kopp -Androngeno


daso said...

can u please stop sharing i earn my money for my rent and y food from it

u can buy it or listen to samples

Anonymous said...

daso i'm a producer too and dj sometimes i find some of my tracks on blogs, but wait people keep buying vinyls, and blogs remains free ads for us, and maybe more gigs
so i think we can do some sacrifices
we cant stop "technics and medias" unfortunately

keep up the good work :)


daso said...

hey john this track is a digital release from spectral so no vinyl to buy and i admire blogs but they can do a stream with no download option to share their beloved track or just link to my myspace site

and dont forget the label is doing work too (promotion artwork and mastering) and they dont earn something from my gigs

there is no big money in the scene for the most artist
so please buy it if u like

u can prelisten the full song so u know what u buying