Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mouture Jack

Instead of studying for my algorithms exam tomorrow I've been procrastinating, pro style, like a real slacker. Fiddling around with various small projects and basically doing anything but cramming.

Stars Of The Lid vs Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Humectez La Mouture vs Lazy Jack (skypher's edit) [N/a, 2007]
This is me trying to combine Stars of the lid's absolutely stunning song into some sort of "emotech" (haha) thing by using Red Robin & Jakob Hilden's Lazy Jack track for drums. It isn't really that well made, but I certainly dig the final product anyway. Have a listen will ya, and tell me what you think. I'm having serious Ableton Live cravings, was too long since I produced now...

While we're at it, I might as well post something small I put together from some of my processing code accompanied with a track I did. The outcome wasn't expected though; my computer couldn't handle the (real-time) calculation of each frame while simultaneously playing the music and recording to the disk, thus the sound got heavily distorted. I still like the result though: Attractoria.


JBH said...

nice 1 mate i didnt realise you were a dab hand on the old ableton :p

skypher said...

thank you. gonna have to put aside some more time for making tunes, so i can actually complete some.