Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Plasmik -(Interswap The Remixes Volume One) -"Subertubos" (Matt O'Brien Remix) [Connaisseur Recordings]

Four new remixes from last years biggest EP for Connaisseur , Are ready and raring to go.
Interswap by Plasmik was easily there biggest release last year, so now its time for the remixes and they come in the shape of Matt O'Brien (Which we have here) Afrilounge, Claude VonStroke & Minz.
As its in two parts we will just be reviewing the first part for today.
Matt O'Brien does great things for supertubos it sounds like its a late 90's techno record with its shattering synths and deep bass.
He gives it a really good make over adding a few special touches the background riff sounds like a continuous flock of chickens squawking, but its all about the deep pads and synths for me, expect alot of techno DJ's to be dropping this bomb on a dance floor near you.
Next up is Afrilounge they take on Mindpattern still on a deep vibe but on more of a house tip its a very cool slow burner that opens out and will suprise you with deep strings and a trance like melody.
Quality first part im looking forward to the next.



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