Monday, January 21, 2008

Classic of the day

Model 500 - The flow [R&S, 1995]
It's that time again, people. Time to dust off some real classic tracks and reminiscing. Not one of Model 500's earliest, but still a proper legendary track which first appeared on the Deep Space LP. Juan Atkins for president!

I did, indeed attend Aril Brikha playing at Jeriko in Malmö this saturday. It was quite good, he played a lot from his album (Ex Machina) of course (which isn't his best work imo). The audience was feeling it and the atmosphere was great. Nice evening all in all. The projected visuals were quite boring and not synched at all though.


eksyt said...

Although not strictly Techno related, I always fell for the loungy B-side. Marvelous tracks all the way. :-)

donk boys said...

skypher: nästa gång du ska ut på något sjov i malme får du hojta! :) /martin