Monday, January 21, 2008

Tell Me I Belong

Here is a mix I made about a month ago that contains some tracks that have been posted on Random Circuits and my previous blog Trainspotter. After a terrible heartbreak and moving to a totally new country, I am still trying to figure out where I belong in this world. Random Circuits seems like it will be a nice fit for me. I am very grateful to have joined the Random Circuits team. The mix came out sort of bleepy and I hope you all enjoy it.

Tell Me I Belong Mix

1. Efdemin - Lohn & Brot
2. Minilogue - Elephant's Parade
3. Dubfire - I Feel Speed (Audion Remix)
4. Justus Kohncke - Advance
5. Alejandro Vivanco - Madre Tierra
6. Anja Schneider - Belize
7. Gummihz - Hypnotize
8. Melchior Productions - Don Juan
9. Johannes Heil - All For One (Tobi Neumann's Swinging Remix)
10. Avus - Fancy Arse (James Holden's Sunday Night Extension)
11. Burial - Archangel


skypher said...

listening now man, sounds very good. great track listing as well.

nice first post and welcome to the team!

daZiiii_boi said...

Same as Skypher just listening now not bad so far : ]

I see you had a Minilogue track...have you heard...
Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix)...? If I start dj'n I'd love to have that as a first track for my set. Such a track!!

JBH said...

Great first post, im dl now its going straight on the ipod.

*Raises a toast to the RC team*