Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is madness! No, this is draamaaaaa!
Dunno what to say about the previous post except that it doesn't make any sense to me.

Aphex twin - On
Here, enjoy some old afx.


Tyler said...

well then maybe you should remove the post. unless you think homophobia and blind attacks have a place on your blog, in which case i'll cease reading immediately.

GORDO! said...

I think its hard when you run a blog to stop yourself from posting on impulse. A few weeks ago i posted about the break-up i was going through and immediately regretted doing so. However you have to remember we are human and its the personality of a blogger that makes the blogs good to read, through highs and lows

Steve said...

Personality doesn't mean personal attacks. Unless someone wants to turn that post into a constructive dialog, it has no place on an otherwise well run and well respected blog.

todd said...

yeah, the whole thing is kinda strange, joe never really explained anything, he kinda just brushed it off.

JBH said...

i didnt brush anything off.
im not here to argue! if you want to argue i will. But is there any point.

skypher said...

I agree with you guys, I was just hesitant to remove it before i had talked to jbh and gotten some clarification. When I thought it was meant for me I figured taking it down would only make me look guilty (of what I dunno, heh). Seems he deleted it himself now.

Really sorry about this whole debacle, very strange and not something i endorse at all. RC should be about music full stop.

I understand if people are repelled by this, as I would be too. The things expressed by whoever made the post are absolutely not something I want to be affiliated with. Whatsoever. I should have deleted it immediately in hindsight.

donk boys said...

about the track (aphex-on) -- it's IMHO not just "some old afx", it's one of his very finest moments. one of my favorite trax ever.
best, martin