Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second life

Second life has everything, it starts of with a thick and fast groove accompanied by the deep and tripped out vocal patter telling you "Somethings coming up" and "Its not like i thought it would be" Are these references to the track in question? They just well could be as you will find out. This track has alot more layers to give and were only at the beginning. Its been laced in funk from top to bottom.Yes! this is big it starts of wonky deep and disorientating but eventually opens out with trancey melodies and a really good deep work out. I wasn't expecting this but I'm glad it heads off this way it keeps hitting you with underground funk keeping the offside vocal present at the right time, it adds to the record perfectly. Suddenly it breaks out into a all out funk a thon so great, energising & very fresh.
Highly recommended.


daZiiii_boi said...

Wer do you get all these amazing images for your posts...? This one is pretty damm good..I'll post about the track later : ]

JBH said...

I mainly get them from all over the web alot of freelance artists websites.

foreign affair said...

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