Thursday, January 17, 2008

Untitled EP

Emil Lassaria -"Untitled EP" -[White]
More of the Cadenza influenced sound this is more for the dancefloor though and its really good i haven't been able to stop playing it since i got it.
Just wait till the violins come in, it has a really good breakdown which will make your set stand out from the rest.
Drop it as the sun is coming up to bring in the daytime that's what we did the other night at my friends house party it was a spiritual moment as the cold winters sunlight crept through the gap in the curtains.
There's 2 other tracks to this EP but personally i favour this one.
The A side is "after the sky is good" but it lacks that special ingredient.
The other one is a track that Luciano has been opening on "Copiii lui Luciano" - it features children singing in some sort of choir its very good on top of a cool piano riff and timbales playing in the background.
The perfect way to start your set if your going down the whole Cadenza route & are looking for some originality.
Copiii Lui Luciano also sounds very familiar to the upcoming Cadenza split, (Ricardo Villalobos feat. Christian Vander - Baba Yaga).
All in all its a fresh sounding EP.
Download Balada
Download Copiii Lui Luciano
*Edit* So it turns out (after a little digging) that the "Copiii Lui Luciano" track is infact "Baba yaga" or (enfants the chant) its just been ripped and remastered the "balada" song is real though.
Heres a 9 page discussion on the whole thing


Anonymous said...

Balada is a quality track. Sounds very knightrider-ish

I've had a chuckle at the debate on mnml over Villalobos 'Enfants' track. For crying out loud it's only a record!

JBH said...

Lol i know! i like the comment where the writer says;
"by the time it comes out people will be tired of it"

Dont get me wrong i think (from the little clip ive heard) its a really good track its certainly ticks all the boxes for me.
But to bootleg it then try to pass it off as your own? its taking it a bit too far.
Il wait for the cadenza split now.
I cant get enough of Balada either

James said...

I can't believe I just read all 9 pages of that nonsense on the mnml site...

Anyway, thanks for pointing me to some great new tracks.

G said...

Talking of Luciano does anyone have any idea of when his (or at least i think it's his) horn/viking track is due a release? That has to be the best track I have heard in a while

JBH said...

Not heard of it, sorry
il keep an eye out.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Jbh. Have heard the track may be Pedro or possibly Rhadoo

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