Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bliphop, part II (mellow)

Calmer and so close to regular, 'classic' IDM that I'm not even sure there's a differance. To me I guess it's the beat that sticks out.

Manual & syntaks - Sunset rider (Golden sun, 2004 on Darla)

This can be a bit iffy the first time you hear it, I thought the whole album was too new-age when I heard it. But I can appreciate it now, with a little perspective. Imagine new-wave, slightly psychadelic electronic hippy hiphop. There's guitars and chanting in it.

Seven ark - Sixteen (Noise of the new, 2004 on Neoouija)

I had a real hard time picking a track from this artist. The album is very solid, but perhaps too much alike sounding. If you dig this one, be sure to check out the other smashing and moving songs. This is the most innocent and smooth, perfect electronic music ever.

Deceptikon - Sometimes you hear it coming (Lost subject, 2003 on Merck)

Bought this in London, I had just heard a couple of things on Merck and decided to nab it. Best impulse record purchase I've made. Very hiphop. "..we can sell records with the aid of percussion!"

Boards of canada - Peacock tail (The campfire headphase, 2005 on Warp)

I think it would have been better if I didn't chose a track from this particular BoC release to be honest. But I really couldn't be arsed ripping more from vinyl (yeah I'm a lazy bastard). So here we are, and boc has always had hiphopish dreamy beats, no exception here.

What's your favourite boards song? You think I've missed a track that belongs here? Tell me in the comments, please. (roygbiv = orgasm btw)

Part III (chiphop) is being worked upon, it will contain mash-up, video game styled picks (part I for reference).

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