Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sneaky software

Uh, it's very strange when I find stuff in my slsk download dir containing new stuff that I have never heard of nor remember ever queing. Gangpol und mit for example. Where the fuck have I read/heard about these and what made me decide to download some? Oh well, their album "Disque Compact, Pièces Détachées" is down, the damage is done so to speak. Kinda cool blend of glitchy abstractness and chiptune happiness (le tambour), sometimes soft sometimes very hard - cool contrasts (l'oiseau). If you want a sound reference I'll just say glitchy/raw/dirty Toy with occasional vocals, ok? I'm too tired to go through their myspace (where they are listed as 'Electro / Pop / Comedy') and other page (couple of free tracks) - maybe you can make some sense of it. Bottom line is that I like it.

Gangpol und mit - Fessier (kap mambino t.o.c remix)
Not very representative of the album, but a fun track non the less (file under eurotechnopopglitchmonkeybanana).

I sniffed up what I thought was a leaked release of dr0005, "My left side" by Dark Vektor on Dona-li. What it in fact was though is ~2 min sample clips of the three tracks. It is driving me nuts because it's crazy good. I'm in a very dark heart electro robot mood at the moment. "My left side" contains a remix by Spinks (link points to two minute clip, it will make you want to stomp faces) who in turn played in Tokyo last august, as a cheap substitute for new full length dark vektor you may want to get spinks' live tokyo set (42 minutes of pretty bad ass heavy electro, sadly not too good audio quality). I so want to go to a big club playing shit like that. I can only imagine the madness.

L'amour a trois inspired me with Ulrich Schnauss - A million miles away and I just had to revisit this piece:
I'm not a gun - make sense & loose (ulrich schnauss remix)
Not quite in the million miles away league but close enough for now. I'm not a gun is John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto.

I saw Das experiment on SVT on tuesday, very cool. I had read about that experiment before which got me interested immedately. Absolutely mental, consider it recommended.

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