Wednesday, March 15, 2006

13:10 - 14:11

Time to take a break from all the house and techno for a wee bit and have a peep at some more headphone, home listening electronics.

Bibio - Quantock
[Mush, 2006] (buy)
Stephen Wilkinson alias Bibio makes cozy and lush guitar based quirky, beatless electronic music. Think something like BoC's the campfire headphase - only he did it before them (atleast release-wise). He has a new album out called "Hand cranked" on
Mush where this track is from. It all feels like some old movie with a sun bleached picture. Would be cool to make a remix of this whole album with some mad beats ontop etc because as is, it almost gets a little too repetitive for its own good. ("Woodington" is another superb track on this release btw)

Tstewart - Camp lejune
[Merck, 2006] (buy)
The man also known as Machine drum and Syndrone. "Living Exponentially" is his new album on merck, and it is good. It doesn't sound much machine drummy at all, which is refreshing. Travis is showing some serious producing proficiency. This and the song called "Jess" I like the most so far.

Itching for my record orders to get here.. deliver faster plz (*cough*boomkat*cough*)!

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