Friday, March 24, 2006

Movin' on

Vice is sometimes funny and I quote (from Vol2, Nr 6, "The food issue", page 22):

Apples should be illegal. What a terrible food. They never satisfy your hunger and they make way too much noise. Have you ever heard someone bite into an apple? It's disgusting. It sounds like a tree is falling inside someone's skull. Also, people look smug when they eat an apple. Like, "Ah, you know. Just eatin' an apple, doin' normal stuff. Readin' the paper." Gross. Stop eating apples. It is a pointless food.
He then goes on about some other foods that should be illegalised, like mangoes, pears, melons, walnuts, sangria, cookies dipped in milk, and lobster. I think lobsters are cool tho (\/)_oO_(\/) *clik clak*.

Ams uno - My contribution
[Labeless Illtelligence, 2005]
Yo! Ams delivers neat lyrics with a fluid flow on a wicked production. Uh huh.

Not breathing - Night driving
[KimoSciotic, 2004]
This is what he was thinking when making this song I think: "Bleep, blip, pew pew, glitch, thomp, plonk, zap, tick, du du du, bzzzz, crash."

Alex under - Fortuito (orginal mix) [Plus8, 2006] (buy)
Techno debut from the Spanish producer Alex Under, the EP is called 'Collage'.

Did not see handsomeboy technique yesterday, but did go to see some friends play their harmless pop - it was nice. Testing for the Not breathing track, sux or rox?

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