Saturday, March 04, 2006


Going to shitty places in good company can be fun. But I'm tired of it. When I go out I want it to be more than "just" shooting the shit with friends. That's why I decided to go lone ranger style yesterday, and my first stop was Uppåt Framåt where Dimitrios was playing solid house instead of Heaven 23 where my friends where at. After that, around 00:30 I went to The Eye (Nefertiti) where Justice was playing instead of Sticky Fingers, and I even met some new people.

Justice (pictured to the left) was cool. They mixed their hard, 'difficult', noisy stuff with hits of the past to please the crowd. Successfully I might add. I liked it very much and felt like dancing more than a couple of times while getting enthusiastically more and more drunk. My stool vibrated heavily because of the volume and bass. They said their sthlm gig was 'OK'. I hope they liked GBG better than that ;-)

Tampopo - Sellafield Two [TRAPEZLTD 32]

Vector Lovers - Capsule for one [Soma] (buy)
Now, calm down, get your act together and get back to the books you fucking party misfit!

I sometimes forget putting buy links to the shit I post, many apologizes for that.

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