Thursday, March 09, 2006


Blogger-rant[tm] coming up, skip if you (like me) hate that. I am officially retarded and hungover. Not only because I mistook RC's two month anniversary for the ninth when it's actually the 12th. Yesterday I, for some unambigious reason, threw my phone into the bushes and snow. I had to go pick it up today (atleast I remembered roughly where it was) - its behaviour is slightly modified. I also did some dialing under the influence which is not cool (can't you see I'm having a visit of ole Ă…gren?). Fuck, and all this ontop of me having my last basic math exam on friday (important). I am so fried. Luckily I have Markus Guentner to comfort me, his shit is the bomb as they say. As soon as my local pizza place opens up imma order something to eat, I'm starving. [blogger rant[tm] over] Anyway, Andreas Tilliander's set was ok (even though I poured like a full pint of beer on myself), I have seen him play once before and he didn't let me down this time either - quality. Let's continue on to the music (and the real reason you're here) shall we..

Night On Earth - Crux
[Kickboxer] (buy)
Honestly I haven't had a lot of time to listen properly to this and I'm mostly posting it to please
you. How unselfish isn't that?! I'm listening now (again) to it and it is solid techno. 2005 on Kickboxer and the B-side is just as fantastic.

Markus Guentner - All The Time (feat. Heiko Badje) (Renato Figoli remix)
[Ware] (buy)
Yeah, more from mr Guentner, his album "Lovely Society" is just that, lovely. I debated in my scizo brain a while if I should post this or "Option pt. II (Ziggy Kinder remix)"... no biggie, both rocks. I urge you to buy this.

Axel Bartsch - Redlight
[Kompakt] (buy)
Heavy and fresh off the Kompakt presses, released the 6th of March, 2006. I love this kind of shit. It's the A-side on the 'Light in the dark' 12", the B side is more thump-dahump but not quite as good I reckon.

See? I can totally make a post without electro, no problem *twitch*. Have fun and wish me some luck for tomorrow will you.

Edit: Put up some buy-links.

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