Saturday, March 11, 2006


Lazy saturday. I have had reports about spread-it being crappy (thanks protein), so I won't use that for a while, sorry for the inconvenience. First up is two glitchy minimal tracks.

Mathias Kaden - Spank
[Vakant, 2006]
Kaden's Pentaton EP is nice, Spank is B2.

[A]pendics shuffle - Dirty Bed (Westend Ghetto Remix)
[Adjunct, 2006]
B1. Off the "Hot guardian and the freestyle formula" release.

Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes
[Tresor, 1999]
From the classic Neptune's Lair album. This feels so good. Drexciya in your face!

I missed the SunnO))) and Earth concerts plus after that Johan Dahlb├Ąck behind the decks at Nefertiti/iDEALfestival yesterday. Maybe if I can be arsed I'll go see kid606 and vladisav delay today.

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