Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Half full

Been on a nostalgia trip, pumping classics through the speakers; Drexciya - Neptune's lair, Gescom - Keynell, Autechre - Anvil vapre, Aux88, Dyanmix II etc. And to top that off: yesterday Legowelt and Dj Overdose was playing live on radio, the set can be downloaded here - it was smashing, with a 90s miami bass, old school electro funk theme.

Sblex3plex - The Virtual Place is the Future
Alright, more sbles3plex means more electro. Released 2005 on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, the EP is called "The grid".

Michael Mayer - Pensum (Markus Guentner Mix)
I feel a bit bad because I have focused so much on electro. So here's some tech/minimal house from 2004 that I personally didn't got to hear before late '05. Off the Kompakt quality compilation "Kompakt 100".

Markus Guentner - All The Time (feat. Heiko Badje)
Beautiful minimal from Guentner in 2006. Taken from the groovy album, "Lovely Society". Buy this!

Ko-wreck technique - Metro dade (plaid mix)
And not to disappoint the IDM heads, here's the sweet plaid remix of Ko-wreck technique's (aka Push button objects + dj craze) Metro dade, from the EP "Ko-wrecktion", 1999!

Last few points:
* Started to watch Nathan Barely, it's a riot.
* Tonight @ Uppåt Framåt: Andreas Tilliander - see ya there.
* Tomorrow it's RC's second month anniversary. Yeeeehaaa.


Marcus Rombo said...

Aaah, Michael Mayer just kills it everytime he's at it. Quality :)

skypher said...

Indeed he does. Cheers man