Friday, March 17, 2006

Mighty mixes

Hoo haa it is friday, thank god, and to get you all warmed up for the weekend madness ahead take this!

Various - Blech, side b
[1995, Warp]
Yes, that's right. This is the B-side of the
tape-only warp mixtape from 1995, starts with some jump up, get down, funky electro boogie then moves into some more experimental territory. The a-side is of course mighty too, but not as party happy. I mean this is more than a decade old now, but it really doesn't sound cheesy. 30 minutes, can you relate?

Autechre - Lost -> Disjecta - Kracht
[1996, Warp]
Okay, continuing in the old school warp ways. Here is the intro to Blech II, just to tease you a bit. It is absolutely massive.

Mixes, more mixes - gotta catch 'em all. Check,
demovibes (part1, part2, part3, part4 each part is about 1h20min long with various genres of mostly electronic music), Exzakt's "Global Electronics vol 2" (track listing) pure pounding electro gems mixed superbly (1h20min). Alkama playing on TPOLM's laser sunday radio 23rd oct, 2005 - techno (1 hour), more tpolm LSR recordings here - don't sleep on these and do not miss the upcoming show this sunday. Up rough (hey booger!) soundsystem house/electro live gig, june 2005, excellent ~1hour.

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