Friday, March 17, 2006

19:17 - extra friday electro treat

I don't think I will have time for a post tomorrow so here's an extra friday treat.

Dynarec - Yellow trigger
[Southern outpost, 2006] (buy)
Title track of his new EP. Brilliant, this guy isn't following the standard electro template that's for sure (if there even is such a thing, heh).

Dark vektor - Net adikted
[Drivecom, 2006] (buy)
This fella does, however he excels at it so no problem. Can see this working very well on the dancefloor. Again, this is the title track of the dudes newest outing. "Snabb electro är bra electro".

Appologizes for these rather crappy recordings, sound quality wise. My equipment is sub par.

Edit: If you haven't already, go listen to some remixes of Booka Shade's Mandarine Girl (thanks to Tape of course)!

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