Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday botnik

Ait, time for a buffet with a loose robot theme.

Gridlok - The search
[Audio Blueprint, 2003]
Melodic, dnbish sweetness.
Ishkur calls the style/sub-genre Neurofunk - I love that name, heh. Neurofunk for the people!

I-F - Space invaders are smoking grass
[Leaded, 2001]
Classic but I just realized; take this track's lead synth and put freeform five's no more conversation vocals ontop of it, tweak around for a bit and you
almost got yourself mylo's remix of no more conversations. Grats.

Dynarec - Sickle
[Delsin, 2004]
French android-hiphop dystopian future music (electro) maker supreme. From the album "User Input".

Try electrokid's "
the robot within" mix if you want more. One hour sonic storytelling.

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