Friday, March 03, 2006

Second minute

I am busy studying, mathematics and programming. And I should really stay in and do that for the rest of the weekend and the remaining days before the exams. But Justice is playing (@ Nefertiti) tonight. I have to go, I mean COME ON. So while I try to justify going to see Justice, suck on this:

Eyerer And Chopstick - She Loves It! (Audiofly Mix)

Not exactly new or anything, but it's nice and it was a bit since I posted anything in this vein.

Since Zshare has thrown a fit, I figured I'd re-upload this track
OMG introduced me to. First trance track I even remotely has been into, hehe. I also wanna send a big thanks to OMG for having a link to me, it accounts for about 95% of my traffic I think, haha - cheers mates!
Hertz - Once again
Up again.

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