Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Yesterday I placed two small orders, one on boomkat and one on juno. Was disappointed in seeing that mostly all the merck records (not cds) were out of stock. Can't quite make up my mind about todays post, resulting in three very different tracks.

The Seperatists - Circuit Dancer
[Soma, 2006]

Off the "Audiomer" EP. Old new school electro a la Rother. See the name?
Circuit Dancer - granted I had to post this, given that it kicks ass as well.

Quinn - No More Drama
[Delsin, 2006]

Warm house on Delsin, by Bram Sluiter. Tis nice sunshiny.

The Delays - Valentine
[Rough Trade, 2006]
Veering off into indie rock here. I like it, kinda 'grand' and has big time radio smash hit written all over it (not just this track but the whole album, "You see colours"). Of course totally uncool.

Edit: Just saw that the wonderful ppl over at 24:hours has posted two tracks off Tomas Andersson's 'Copy Cat' 12" [bpitch, 2006] - so go get em if you missed it when I posted it a while ago. :-)

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