Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bliphop, part I

Bliphop, a funny and silly term. "Blips and beeps backed by dope ass beats" basically, hmm I wonder where I got that from. There was a while (2003-2004) when this was my favourite stuff to discover and hear. I still think most of it is fantastic. It's such a good idea and many have tried but many have also failed. Here's a selection of tracks I think are interesting.

Xela - My rap (Dosage, 2003 on Merck)

I start with two tracks on Merck for many reasons. They examplify what I think is bliphop or severly electronified hiphop as they themselves put it. This is from one of their excellent compilations.

Machine drum - Wishbone be broken (Now you know, 2001 on Merck)

Together with prefuse they introduced me to this music. Stuttering vocals can be so good. 'Now you know' is his best work, it is so crunchy (also check the tracks 'hello my future', 'thanks very much' and 'jewlea').

Funkstörung - Fat camp feva feat. tes (2003 on !K7)

Having real rappers perform on these type of songs is sort of unusual (shadowhuntaz excluded - which I have a hard time feeling). Works perfectly here.

Intricate - Replace (In pectra, 2004 on Spezial material)

Moving over to more electronic areas here..

This album has one of the coolest covers! It is filled with dense, some would say early autechre style tracks. I say early autechre is good, but this is better(!). First time I heard intricate I didn't quite get it. I couldn't feel it. So do not despair if you can't hear the beauty immediately. This is truly top notch shit.

I posted a while ago scientific american - between urban moments, and if I hadn't did it back then it would absolutely have a spot in this post. Brothomstates has a track on Qtio which I guess could fit nicely here as well (who knows, maybe some other time). I also was totally going to post a prefuse 73 track but decided to limit both parts to 4 tunes. Yes, part II is completed, written and all, it contains the same quality RC picks but is of the more mellow variety. Expect it tomorrow or the day after that.


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