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Demoscene special II: Let's go to my place and morph some IFS fractals

Demoscene special II: Demos & Intros
Second post in the Demoscene series, the first can be found
here (it's about music). This part will focus on demos and intros that are fantabulous.

Ok first of all I had planned on linking video captures to this list. The problem is that there isn't video captures of them all, so I will provide a video link if it exists. Otherwise just download it and run it (if you can). The list is in no order what so ever and is in the format Groupname - Demo/intro name [links] (year). Some of these are very old and may not run on todays' computers. I should also mention that I haven't been following the demoscene for about a year now, so I'm a bit behind on things. All links, screenshots and comments taken from

MFX - A deepness in the sky [
download win32] [video] (2002)

"lovely rendering meeting very powerfull techno.."

Ozone - Smoke bomb [
download amiga] [video] (1999)

The synch, the music, the visuals. Powerful shit.

Pulse - Square [
download win32] (1997)

Great mix of high tech code and good design. Original for DOS released 1997, win32 port made in 2002.

TPOLM - Te-2rb [
download win32] [video] (1998)

Original 1998, win32 port 2002. Stunning design, mood and atmosphere in this one, soundtrack by no other than brothomstates!

Hellcore and Omnicolour - Bakkslide 7 [
download win32] (1999)

Original in 1999, port 2003. Great music and feeling. 64k intro originally.

Byterapers - Hyperventilation [
download win32] (1998)

Port done in 2001. Abba samples in the music, 70's styled graphics + geeky 3d stuff and effects.

Halcyon - Hplus [
download DOS] [video] (1998)

Do not miss this. A classic. Coolest 'story' and again ace music.

Orange - The secret life of Mr. Black [
download DOS] (1997)

"I am a woman, my wife is a man! It's orange, it can't be bad... they got a different approach to demomaking, that's what makes them unique, you either like them or loathe them. I like them I can't help it. And this demo is one of their most representative works. So you better watch it."
Orange = legends. Too bad it's difficult to get to see this nowadays.

Orange - The nonstop ibiza experience [
download win32] (2000)

Another Orange demo, this is their most recent one (and perhaps last!?). Win32 so most people should be able to watch it (I hope). Crazy good soundtrack by bstates.

MFX - A fire upon the deep [
download win32] (2002)

Techno, techno. With visuals :)

Kewlers - Variform [download
win32, linux, macosx] (2002)

Electro music and stunning effects, a keeper (and multi platform too!).

Blasphemy - Moralhardcandy [
download win32] (1999)

Shares some similarities with hplus and te-2rb. A fine trip.

Ephidrena - Fake elektronik light show [
download amiga] [video] (2003)

Hiphop dirty styled graffiti attitude!

Sunflower - Tesla [
download win32] (2000)

Breathtaking music by Radix, with graphics to match.

Up rough! - Live axxion - the showdown [
download amiga] [video] (2004)

Graffiti and hiphop beats.. me likes. It has style for sure. (Hi Carl!)

Haujobb - Fukwit daddy [
download win32] (1999)

Man, I'm tired of writing small comments to all these sweet productions. Basically a good prod to me has nice music with pretty graphics and effects synchronized to it. 64k.

Replay - Some bookprint and a broken heart [
download win32] (2000)

For the wussies out there (he he). Sugar minimalist stuff.

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