Friday, February 17, 2006

A certain someone rocks my socks

As inde pop hasn't really been on the top of my prioritiy list I only yesterday (and today) got around to listen to Sufjan Stevens - Illinois. Splendid album, very sweet. Yeah so I like that stuff, I also got hold of Arcade Fire's Funeral and the stars debut album Nightsongs (jesus, they have evolved in 5 years). But i'm not going to post any indie (enough blogs do that already hehe). I will share a Jel mp3 from his new album "Soft money". It is good, people are excited. Beats deluxe.

Jel - Soft Money, Dry Bones

If you like Aphex Twin you probably also will like Wisp (who was featured on bleep-oh-six btw). Fast drums, frantic breaks, nice quirky melodies. Wisp has released a ton of stuff on netlabes and such, a complete list (with free downloads!) can be found here. This particular track is from the album "Nrthndr".

Wisp - Negions Fail is a good resource for the latest, bestest free music releases, check the bad loop track.

In other news; i visited local club Fabriken at Wish yesterday where hollertronix was going to dj. Either they played shitty stuff or they hadn't actually started. I left pretty early because the club, the people, the place, the atmosphere and most of the music was just crap. Boo.

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