Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh, right, movies

Since according to the description RC shouldn't only be about music and my badly written comments about it I thought I'd take the opportunity to announce that I have watched a batch of movies last week. They range from crappy to decent. Best of the lot was probably "Rules of Attraction", which was about friggin time I saw (it wasn't perfect tho, too lengthy rewind scenes, too little about the secret admirer etc). I also got to see "Doom" (tee hee), "Mirror Mask", "Kiss kiss bang bang". Nothing overly exciting I reckon.

Ok back to music and my badly written comments about it, but atleast slightly related this time. I've stumbled upon a cool track. I got it after hearing a conversation two persons on slsk had about it (one of them made it). I asked if I could hear it after they mentioned it contained samples from Junebug. Sure enough.. he uploaded it to me. And, damn, it's pretty tight. Has certainly grown on me. File under IDM I guess.
Headphonescience - Myunhappymearcat

And now totally unrelated. My good friend Calle sent me this song. Very, very good. From the compilation "2Rabimmel 2Rabimmel 2Rabum 2Bum Bum" (weirdest title ever?), 2005 on Areal.

Remute - Mit Freundlichen Füßen

Another pretty damn cool feature from Google: Google Page Creator. Here's how RC would look in twilight-google-world maybe. Neat thing anyhow. (btw making that page took exactly 7.4623149242 seconds).

Jor-el - I want Disco
More, more space cheese synthesizer disco! Ace.


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