Monday, February 13, 2006

Frobster the lobster

Two posts in one day, when was the last time that happened? Must've been eons ago. Obviously.

As I undertook a massive cleaning mission, where the target was my bedroom, I put on Autechre's Untilted. My opinions about it haven't changed (to my surprise actually), it's still not doing much to me except the first track which is (still) ace. Strange, it's supposed to grow on me man. Alright, glad we got that out of the way because here's some new music that deserves some attention...

P.O.S - Stand up (let's get married)

If I didn't know this was on Rhymesayers my first guess would be that P.O.S' album Audition was released on Rhymesayers.

Toy - Rabbit Pushing Mower
Reminds me of Joseph Nothing because (some of) his sound is also toyish and good. And funny. What a sweet track this is, I can totally picture the fluffy, pink bunny getting pushed by a mower in my mind. So yeah buy Toy's self titled debut album, I mean can you imagine your life without songs titled 'Realistic Martian Landing Set', 'Googil Dream Home', 'Grass beatbox' or 'Golden fish in pool'? Didn't think so.

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Watch P.O.S. perform live at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN for his sold out homecoming show: