Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I never heard of this guy, Williams, until OMG a while back posted the most wicked knife remix (of silent shout) I could possibly imagine and shortly after Tape shows me the superb Pinball single. So I got a little interested who this dude might be and what he has been and is up to.

Thanks to discogs I found some information and his homepage to satisfy my curiousity. He's got a good free mix (tracklist) on his page, which I suggest you go download.

This man has done quite some varying stuff, and all of it shows mad talent. I'm really looking forward to what he will release next, aside from his in-the-works/soon-to-be-released remixes of Linus Loves and Eyerer & Chopstick that is.

Williams - Picadilly circuits (buy)
This track is from 2005, on Get Physical. Go order his stuff now.

PS. If anyone has Bad Sneakers - All that I want / Xa Zoo (12") released on Glasgow Underground in 2003, holler at me!

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