Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Sweet mash up video; Tron meets Depeche mode.

Hilarious rap by SNL, haha.
"68th and broadway, step on it sucka!
What ya wanna do Chris? Snack attack, mutha-f**ka!"

I recommend everyone to pick up the absolute killer (william's acidic
circuits) remix of The knife's Silent shout that's floating around at various places (consult your local p2p network or perhaps fellow mp3 bloggers).

In the mean time listen to this funky hacker/dexter track!

The hacker - Traces (Dexter remix)

Or maybe a bit of easy going, fun loving party hiphop...

Giant Panda - TKO
(promo soiled file, sorry)

Chiptune modern style!
Binärpilot - Goof
Get more binärpilot, it's free! OMG!

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