Monday, February 20, 2006

Bag o' grab

Ugh. I seriously need to get a grip of some Quite Important RL Issues[tm] asap. Anyhoo no one likes to read yet another "blogger's" woes, so I'll spare you the nitty gritty details.

Handsomeboy Technique - Season Of Young Mouss

Instead we shall enjoy some easy listening, funky-funky party music delivered by Handsomeboy Technique (who will visit gbg soonish and I hope I can get money/time/company so I can go there). This dude is from Jap
an and I like what he is going for here.

Porn sword tobacco - Freedom commercial

Here's a bit of sweedeesh IDM. This tune is like not a very good representation of the album "Explains freedom" (where its from) though, it's mostly short ambient type tracks. But yeah it's all good. (

Junip - The Ghost of Tom Joad

More domestic stuffah. Junip is Jose Gonzalez + two other awesome dudes. From the EP "Black Refuge". (

System 7 - Alphawave (Plastikman Mix)

To finish off, I'd like to leave you with this massive (we are talking almost 20 minutes here) techno tune. First heard it at phozzy's place like last week. Pretty classic apparently. (chicken visuals for heightened pleasure)

Actually I have another song I wanted to post up, but seeing this list I've decided to save it for tomorrow (it's slow pop anyway hehe).

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