Friday, December 29, 2006

Nightly service

My favourite music at the moment (no order):

Harthouse Electronic Injection (compilation)

Skatebaard - June nights south of siena (track)

Booka shade - Shimmer (track)

Martin buttrich - Cloudy bay (track)

Sonnert - A decent night sleep (track)

Sally Shapiro - Anorak christmas (track)

Rekorder - Rekorder 7.1 (track)

The knife - Forest families (Live) (track)

Kleerup feat. Robyn - With every heartbeat (track)

Sonotheque - Looney tunes (track)

A friend of mine who has been producing for a while sent me some tracks earlier today and I really liked one of them. It starts off with some trancy vibes, but not in a tacky way, then develops into a nice little evil gem. It's way too short, but check it out! (Don't know what he calls himself, but the track is named section9 hehe)

Section9 [N/a, 2006]

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Anonymous said...

Can you post the Jesse Somfay remix from the Harthouse-Compilation, please ?