Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The List and Other Stuff

Okay so here's my fucking subjective best-of-2006 list (in no special order);

* Sonar (Festival/event, Barcelona)
* Dole and Kom - Monster Eats the Pilot (Ep, Ek records)
* Dominik Eulberg - Der Buchdrucker (12, Traum)
* This is Hardcore (Club, The loft/Barcelona)
* The squid and the whale (Film)
* The Eye (Club, Nefertiti/Göteborg)
* Magnus och Magnus (Bar & Restaurant, Göteborg)
* Rutgers (Bar, Göteborg)
* Borat (Film)
* Joel Mull - Stepping (Ep, Harthouse mannheim)
* V for Vendetta (Film)
* Ellen Allien & Apparat - Orchestra of bubbles (Album, BPitch)
* Booka shade - Movements (Album, Get Physical)
* World of warcraft (Computer game)
* The Knife - Silent shout (William's acidic circuits remix) (Track)
* Dark vector - Touch tomorrow (spinks remix) (Track)
* Florent - G net (12, K2)
* Mr. Nogatco - Nogatco Rd. (Album, Insomniac)
* Oxia - Domino (Track)
* Atmosphere (Live, Sticky Fingers/Göteborg)
* Intricate - Captain trunk (Ep, Spezialmaterial)
* Kobra (Tv show)
* Markus guentner - Love society (Album, Ware)
* Alex smoke - Paradolia (Album, Soma)
* Nathan fake - Drowning in a sea of love (Album, Border community)
* Jor-el - Fade away (Track)
* Williams (Artist)
* GS2H (Club, Respekt/Göteborg)
* Monolake - Alaska/Melting (12, Monolake/ICM)
* Ljå - Til avsky for livet (Album, ??)
* Digitalism - Zdarlight (moonlight remix) (Track)
* Martin landsky - 1000 miles (Track)
* Gui boratto - Sozinho (Track)
* Beli Konji (Club, Respekt/Göteborg)
* Thomas Schumacher - Is not (Track)
* Mahogny (Café, Göteborg)
* Riot in belgium - The acid never lies (Boyznoize 909 remix) (Track)
* I-robots - Frau (Kid alex minimal to disco mix) (Track)
* Battlestar galactica (Tv show)
* Hotet (Club, Nefertiti/Göteborg)
* Dominik Eulberg - Bionik (Track)
* Ableton Live (Software)
* Stephan bodzin - Silhouette (Track)
* Kupon - A zoom in (Track)
* High stakes poker (Tv show)
* Snakes on a plane (Film)
* Ada95 (Programming language)
* Sucre-sale (Café/Creperie, Göteborg)
* - RIP! (Blog)
* Dominik Eulberg & Monopop - The bionik motor (Noah Gibson edit) (Track)
* 611 records (Record store, Philadelphia)
* Nathan Barley (Tv show)
* Ström (Radio show)
* Dokument humor (Tv show)
* Bret Easton Ellis - Lunar Park (Book)

Glad we got that over with.
Now here's my
prediction for the upcoming year - 2007
First of all the fast and steady rise of minimal techno (and its relatives) as the dominant club music has been awesome and great. However it's getting almost silly now, everyone and his mother is competing over who likes electronic music the most and who was first in doing so. It's one big ass 'ryggdunkar'-scene today. Not all bad, of course - it spreads the music, but a little annoying to see that indiepop kid with musical tunnel vision suddenly spewing superlatives over the latest Kompakt release or whatever. Anyways.

Two thousand and seven will probably see a decline in this trend, sooner or later. Sonar'07 will probably host a record amount of swedes though. I think the next big thing is very boring music, elevator ultra minimal blips and shit (I will name it 'elevator-post-techno') AND/OR the rise of a completely new genre, PANZER ELEKTRO - bonecrushing hard electro not far from noise, almost unlistenable and uh, yeah. What do you think? Yes, I'm taking the piss.

Jokes aside, something sad happened yesterday night. Ohmygosh has been more or less forced to close down. A big loss for the blog community and techno heads world wide. OMG has introduced me to an enormous amount of new producers, labels and tracks. I think, honestly, OMG made me buy more records and certainly of a wider variety. A big thanks for the time and dedication you guys put down and into your excellent blog.

Edit: OMG seems to be back on track with a slight change in direction to smaller labels etc. Also added Bret Easton Ellis' wonderful 'Lunar Park' to the list, a great book.

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