Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year

The champagne (Louis Roederer) is in the fridge together with a couple of beers. Today will consist of some fine cooking, a good meal and drinks with friends. Nothing fancy.

Yesterday was yet another slow day, it was raining. So after a quick swing around town for a coffee break with some mates, it was back to my place for some more movies.
The Illusionist was first up - excellent, with some really beautiful scenery, costumes and dialouge. Acting and story/plot were also up there. After that we saw Little Miss Sunshine, a sweet little feel-good-movie. I really liked Steve Carell's performance and character.

I added Fastlane to my links section, check it out.

Ricardo Villalobos - Gugga Sempa
[Perlon, 2006] (buy)
This is track number two off of Ricardo Villalobos' "What's wrong my friends?" release. Minitechish house yada, yada :-)

I suppose some sort of white hot party extravaganza new-years-eve hit would be in order to post here, but I really can't think of any... this will have to do. From the Harthouse compilation I've been digging lately, it's ace.
Alexi Delano Pres A.D. 1010 - Can You Compute (A.D. Rmx) [Harthouse, 2006] (buy)

Happy new year, may 2007 become a great year for everyone!

Let's hope Random Circuits stays alive for atleast one more year :)

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