Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy holiday

Isolee live @ Sonar'06

Oh the joy of not being able to walk around in the central area of the city without being stepped on or shoved around. Christmas hysteria is here! Myself, I'm mostly concerned with my two upcoming exams (Real-time systems tomorrow!).

I've had two marvelous weekends back-to-back, with awesome club nights and good company.
Last saturday we went to the balkan-techno-extravaganza[tm] club called 'Beli Konj' arranged by the Glory Crew at Respekt* - great success and happy times ensued despite the long and slow queue to get in. After that a nice techno-minimale after party was held by a friend until early morn'.

This friday we built a ginger bread house (pepparkakshus) and drank good stuff to warm up, then we made a pit stop at Smaka and after a beer or two there it was off to The Eye at Nef, which of course was as good as always. One taxi, with great people, later I found myself at another after party that kept on for long enough.

Thanks to all friends & aquintances for making my weekends bitchslappin' good! Now I'm looking forward to see what the 25th and new year has in store (don't believe the hype! "cyberpunk retro fest med maria antoinette -stuk").

Finally had the time and connection to look at
OMG, some seriously good stuff they post - cheers guys.

While I'm at it I have to recommend this edit/mix of Monopop and Dominik from one of the ohmygosh posters:
Dominik Eulberg & Monopop - The bionik motor (Noah Gibson edit) - A favourite of mine at the moment.

PS. A best-of-2006 list from Random Circuits is on the way.

* A place that really has shaped up.

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