Thursday, April 06, 2006

See ya

Tomorrow I'm off to the states for a little more than a week of shopping and clubbing. Will try to post a bit while there, but don't count on it. Cheers fellas.

The Organ - Steven Smith
[Talitres, 2005] (buy)
Quaint pop from the organ, with a scent of Smiths and the Cure. The whole album is very solid and goes under the name 'Grab that gun' and has been spinning frequently here the last few days. Full of little delicious pop gems, the perfect soundtrack to slit your wrists to. Sinking hearts and Memorize the city are two other great tracks.

Steadycam - Knock Kneed
[K2, 2006] (buy)
Du di, du di, du di, du di, du di. Swedish David Janzen on K2 making some nice techno. Haven't heard the b side yet.

Check this out (nsfw):

"hahaha u gotta love the way keith thinks" - quoted for truth. :-)

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dancerinthedark said...

The b-side "Rotums Kanoner" is a killer! it´s actually better than the a-side if you ask me. Enjoy NYC!