Thursday, April 06, 2006

10:47: Minimal

Popnoname - On the Run [Italic, 2006] (buy)
House with soft edges. The 12" is called 'You are popnoname'.

Mike Shannon - Sudden moves
[Scape, 2006] (buy)
The album is called 'Possible conclusions to stories that never end' and has a lot of mixed styles. Most of it minimal in nature. I like this one the most.

Donnacha Costello - Bear Bounces Back (Troy Pierce's Too Sad To Bounce Mix)
[Minimise, 2006] (buy)
Troy Pierrce remixes Donnacha Costello's Bear bounces back and puts it firmly in minimal land. Great build up, stays pretty quiet, chugging along, never lashes out or gets crazy. Smooth and great!

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