Monday, April 10, 2006

Greetings from Philly

Yo all. Just reporting in, letting you know that I'm alive and well. The weather is fantastic, sunny and warm - just the way a frozen swede likes it (especially after an abnormaly long winter). Payed my favorite Philadelphia record store (611) a visit today and came out $64 shorter. Here's what I got:

  • Ozy - Lingo (remixes) [Trapez, 2004]
  • Jake Fairley / Peter Grummich - Speicher 23 [Kompakt extra, 2004]
  • Dynarec - Component zero [Vaporware, 2005]
  • Yo la tengo - Today is the day [Matador, 2003]
  • MD - MD remixes [Merck, 2001] - Very happy to have found this one.
  • Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique - Untitled [Vynalogica, 2002]
  • Plastikman - Plastique [Plus8, 1994]
Tonight I'm going to see 76:ers vs Washington Wizards. Go philly! And tomorrow it's NYC time for me and my bros. Håll i hatten.


Tooli said...

Låter som det är riktigt trevligt där borta. I New York passa på att besöka Dance Tracks, Other Music och Turntable Lab. Finns pengar att bränna, och kolla in Cielo. Mkt bra klubb.Själv ska jag dit till nästa helg.

skypher said...

Ah, stort tack för tipsen! Hoppas du får det sköj när du åker dit.