Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I admit the last three previous posts has been a bit boring. Sorry, but sometimes I just don't have the energy needed to make quality updates (and I hate myself for it. Almost).
[rant]Woke up today drenched in cold sweat, as I often do nowadays... fuck it. Tickets and everything is sorted out for my US (Philly+NYC) trip, just have to go and pick up my new passport and I'm all set. Getting a haircut tomorrow, about friggin' time (again). Have some shit behind me in school, having difficulties to motivate myself to be honest.[/rant]

On with the musics.

Redshape - Coffee and cigarettes
[Delsin, 2006] (buy)
B1 off the cool Shaped world ep from dutch artist Redshape. It is techno and it sounds good. Dancefloorish. I like the title also, reminds me of the
movie with the same name from 2003, it was ok. Title track is decent, the remix of it slightly better imo (minimal style). Worth buying, of course.

Der zyklus - Formenverwandler
[2001, Gigolo] (buy)
From new to old(er), here we have the man behind Dopplereffekt as Der Zyklus for a classic electro track. Both kraftwerk and drexciya comes to mind. Originally released 2001 on 'Der Zyklus II' ep on International Deejay Gigolo records. Now, 2006, re-released on Frustrated funk alongside other smashing zyklus tracks on the '...' ep. Check, check.
Edit: God damnit, oh my gosh posted this yesterday. Didn't check their blog then. Bah :)

The chance is pretty slim (to none), but I'll go ahead and try anyway. If you happen to know any great clubs or record stores in Philadelphia (know some here, but share anyway) or NYC (manhattan preferably) that I shouldn't miss out on - pretty please drop a comment.

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