Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I was never gone! Heh. My mini vacation was great. I'm gonna post some of the stuff I bought.

Jake Fairley - Frantic [Kompakt extra, 2004]
While checking out some of the kompakt extra stuff in
611, this A side grabbed my attention immediately. Superb evilish techno! The b-side by Peter Grummich is not too shabby either :-)

Dynarec - Component zero [Vaporware, 2005]
Master of slightly unorthodox electro featured here on RC for the third time now (oh my!). Spooky male vocals coupled with mostly straight forward beats and synths makes this track a stomper.

God damnit, my beloved technics 1200 is starting to act up (even more than it usually do), the start/stop button doesn't affect it right away sometimes but instead has a delay of up to 5 seconds(!), and I can't go from 45rpm to 33 without first shutting it off - what's up with that?! It also sometimes just randomly stops spinning and I have to press start again. Bah, maybe it's worth repairing it, a new one is just too expensive for me right now.

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