Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sketching giraffes

After a couple of posts without the funky pounding dance music. I'll try to make it up with this...

Skatebård - Sgnelkab
[Tellektro, 2002]
Skatebård is hot right now with the full length 'Midnight Magic' which is great. But check out this old moody techno track instead. Fucking fab. From the LP 'Skateboarding Was A Crime (In 1989)' - which it apparently was in Norway at that time, hehe.

Exercise one - Where is my keyboard
[Num, 2006] (buy)
Okay that skatebård track was just to warm you up for this crushing minimal techno anthem. Dark and menacing the way we like it.
The jerky b-side 'A night like this' is nothing to scoff at either. Damn crazy germans.

Next post I'm thinking: Lucky Pierre 2007 and a hiphop track, hm?

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