Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Genre names

Fun thread over at discogs.com about the most silly genre names. Really, I agree with all of them. I should boycott genre names all together I think.

Anyway, my candidates for most-stupid-genre-name are (all already mentioned in the thread):

* IDM (of course).

* New rave (WTF!?).

* Nu-metal, nu-rap, rap-core and all other fucked up mutations.

* Anything that has the suffix 'core'.

* Anything that has the prefix 'post'.

* Clicks n cuts.

* House (Ya rly).

* Ghetto tech, ghetto electro, booty bass.
* Schranz (luckily I have never heard anyone use it).

How can you EVER tell someone you listen to IDM!? I can just imagine the conversation. "What does it stand for..?", "Err.. Intelligent Dance Music." Then the other person 100% guaranteed thinks this "Uh, ok fucking jack ass."

Best genre
names definetly are:
* Techno

Both names have been dragged around and kind of abused, but solid names despite their blurriness. Then we have the classics such as Jazz, Soul and so on that I do not have a problem with, probably because they are so widely recognized. Most diffuse names (and also uneccesary and a bit silly):

* Minimal techno

* Tech house

* Electro house

A lot of people are sensetive about genres, I don't have a problem with that. But personally I couldn't care less what something "belongs" to. Maybe it's because I very much suck at placing music in imaginary boxes.

Current favourite music:

  • Sally Shapiro - Disco romance [Diskokaine, 2006]
  • Ladytron - Playgirl [Emperor norton, 2001]
  • Jeff Samuel - I think they are trying to say something [Trapez, 2006] (buy)
  • Cosmic Force Vs. Catscan - Moog Memoires [Créme, 2006]
  • Özgür Can - 84 shots (oliver koletzki & florian meindl remix) [Pickadoll, 2006]
  • Elektrochemie - Mucky star, ep [Get physical, 2006]
  • Ceephax Acid Crew - Ceerial port [Firstcask, 2006]
  • Skatebård - Midnight magic [Digitalo enterprises, 2006]

On a italo trip :)

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