Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RC: xxB307

Tv-series are the (not really so) new hip. Been watching the last 3 episodes of battlestar galactica, checked out the first 5 eps of Heroes, the 2 first of Riket (Lars von Trier) and I have the first season of Dexter waiting for me. Exciting.

Purchased Junior Boys' "So this is good bye" on a bit of a whim two days ago. A very good album, but I really shouldn't have bought it because I'm absolutely broke. What a bummer.

Fuckpony - Tiny slave [Get physical, 2006] (buy)
Their first album, 'Children of love' was very fine and quirky. Now it's time for the evil pony to shine - so part 1 of "The dark side of the pony" is unleashed. And soon, part 2 will be here (around the 7th of February). I like the direction this is heading. Go get physical, go!

Minilogue - The leopard (Extrawelt remix) [Traum, 2007] (buy)
Traum starts of the new year with two remix twelves from Minilogue. Both 'The Leopard' and 'Seconds' gets reworked. This is the strongest of the four tracks presented. Beautiful, melodic and a bhit eerie.

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