Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sol II

More sun, less time in front of the computer - yay! Anyway, depending on a few independent factors you may or you may not see me at this year's Sonar music festival in Barcelona. I really hope I can make it there.

Kool keith - Make up your mind

Great track from the classic album 'Sex style' (1997) by everyone's favorite whacko rapper mr Kool keith aka dr octagon aka dr dooom aka black elvis etc etc... this delivers!

The black dog - Ripheadv2
[2006, Soma] (buy)
New EP release from the noir hound that goes by the name 'Riphead' and is on the label Soma. This is A1 and it is solid, fine electronic music not differing too much from their previous work. Swell.

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